The Logic of Depression

As an INTP I didn’t quite grasp the concept of depression. You’re just not happy about stuff? Welcome to life. You know what I do when I’m not happy with stuff…. I’m doing it right now: It’s called life. Spiralling into depression basically just feels like you’re having issues coping with small annoyances that would normally only be mildly irritating. The issue is compounded when you apply logic to the fact that you can’t deal with simple everyday life. You basically feel like you’re failing at life in general.


As an introvert, you eventually come to the conclusion that most of your irritation with the world is a result of not spending enough time recharging. Thus, when something is wrong, your gut instinct is to close your bedroom door, wrap yourself in a blanket, and wait for it to pass.

The issue with this lies in the nature of depression. Current theories suggest that the secret to dealing with depression is to engage in activities that promote neurogenesis. Part of this is interacting with people, and enjoying their company. This is counter-intuitive for introverts.

Not only is your inherent nature encouraging you to lay in bed and wait out the storm, but the symptoms of depression also feed into your introverted nature. You may not realize that your lack of interest in things as a problem, because it happens after every party/get together. Very slowly your logic shifts without you realizing that you’re not making sense anymore.

For Example:

  • Logic – There are dishes on the counter because I cooked last night and haven’t done them yet
  • Depression – There are dishes on the counter because I am a slob
  • Logic – There is a spider in my room because it’s that time of year
  • Depression – There is a spider in my room because my apartment is a dump
  • Logic – I am spending my Friday evening in my room because I didn’t make any plans. I generally enjoy time spent by myself, so this isn’t out of the ordinary. If I wanted to leave, there are many people I could call.
  • Depression – I am a miserable person no one wants to spend time with. Someday the crust of the Earth will crack open and swallow us all whole. I might as well just wait here for that to happen.

Your first step to recovery is to identify this flawed logic. The second is to make a list of things you know you enjoy, and force yourself to engage in them. Unless of course you unlock the secrets of the smiling idiots who seem completely satisfied with life for absolutely no reason.


6 thoughts on “The Logic of Depression

  1. Depression isn’t something you can just get out of mid it was, people wouldn’t have to medicate themselves with drugs with such sideeddects. Depression doesn’t operate on logic, even if it could, it can appear in the form where your brain just makes imbalanced hormones no matter what. Trust me. I would’ve done this years ago.


    • I wasn’t claiming to have fixed anything. Your imbalanced hormones cause you to have illogical responses to things. It helps to identify the behaviours you’re exhibiting as symptoms of depression so you can attempt to address them with whatever course of action you’ve decided on.

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  2. Although it can help to change the thoughts up a little. I am an INFP, which means I am your total opposite but only introverted. Anyone can be depressed, doesn’t have to do with logic much


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