Travelling for Introverts

One of the issues I’ve always had with travel is the idea that you have to keep doing things. If you’re in a different city, you rationalize spending a lot of energy to make sure you experience as much as possible. You end up on the go for an entire week and come home feeling more exhausted than before you left, and then you have to be one of those people who “needs a vacation from their vacation.”


As I grow from a young partier into the crotchety old man I was born to be, I’ve learned a few things about what I need from a vacation. Sleep, food, rest…. End of list. Here are a few steps to take to ensure you don’t end on a trip that feels more like work than your actual job.

Set Expectations – Make sure the people you are travelling with understand that you’re not interested in staying out until 4am. It’s perfectly acceptable for them to do whatever they want, but ensure they don’t expect you to do the same. You need your alone time, and your rest. Don’t travel with an energy vampire.

Don’t Plan Too Much – You know what you like to do. Plan your vacation around activities you enjoy. Whether you want to sit on a beach, wander around a city, get a massage… or for whatever reason, go to a gym, plan accordingly, but don’t restrict yourself to those plans. Do what feels right while you’re there.

Manage Stress – If you have high anxiety, travelling is pretty much a nightmare. If you’re perfectly happy to sit in a cottage on a lake near your home… just do that. It’s cheaper and a lot less hassle. If you’re like me, an airplane is either a party bus or a tiny tin coffin on its way to the crash site. So…it’s worth the extra they charge for the drinks at the airport and on the plane.

In summation, do things you like, with people you like, the way you like. It’s YOUR vacation. Do it up YOU style.


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